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Well, her full name is Rumana Reaz.

Rumana Reaz
yap... I like her.

She is a civil engineer from the Department of Civil Engineering, BUET (by the time you read this, I hope)… batch ’99… had her HSC from Viqarunnisa Noon College… SSC from Mohammadpur Preparatory Girls’ High School… brought up in a traditional Bangladeshi style…


She has a cute little sister, like mine. They call her Rimpi.


We know each other for the last… ummh… almost three years, but it was only in March 2005 to decide we would live together (of course, not in the western style, and, after we get married). Still a long way to go….


How did we meet? Ok, it was through debating (at BUET) … our common passion. We participated in a trial debate to form the two teams to compete in the Inter-University Debate Championship, organized by BUETDC (our debating club) that year. Later it turned out that we were in the same team, BUET NANDONIK, which had been a bridge between us in the following years… and in many of our tough times. On the first sight, none of us knew one day we are going to make this decision (I am not sure about hers; I have to ask her this at some point). But now, I am happy to say, it’s true.


There are a lot many details and a lot many incidents about our relationship, from the first day we met up to now, which I cannot put here… you know why? It’s better if you don’t.


Oh… she has a bright debating career… the best one among all female (and not too many men also) debaters in Bangladesh I’ve ever seen. I like the style she debates. This is not the best place to describe her complete role of honor in debating, but, let me end up with her most recent success: She became champion (first position in both rounds) in the Bangladesh Television National Baroary Debate Championship (University Level) in March-April 2005, representing Australia in the first round and Germany in the second round.

Page created on 18 May 2005.