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"Se amar choto bon, boro adorer choto bon..."

My only one ‘ahladi’ little Medha Mony is not 'little' now, she has got admission in the Department of Civil Engineering in BUET in 2004... and, has completed two regular semesters out of eight.

Her full name is Mafruhatul Jannat. She was born in the 6th February, 1985, at Chittagong Medical College when my father was being posted there as a sub-divisional engineer.

She is brilliant and intelligent, but at the same time a bit impractical, as has been proved by a number of successes and failures in her short span of life so far. No doubt she loves her only elder brother a lot, often expressing it to mimic him in childish manner in her daily life… yap, still now the trend continues.

She has been performing well as a debater of the BUET Chatri Hall in TV Debates. As a former debater, I was overwhelmed with joy when I discover her in this new role. It’s the tradition right… you agree with me?  

She has a complaint - Abbu, Ammu and Bhaia still treat her as a little girl. I wish I could agree... !

Medha Mony at Rangpur, 2004
"Aji jhoro jhoro mukhoro badolo-dine..."

By the way, the above photograph was taken by me... good prospect in photography, right...
Created on 8 July 2005.