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On this page you will find photos of each member of my family. More photos can be found here. You can also visit my collection of images (personal, family, friends, my IT conferences, my Cadet life, my Debating Career and many more) by clicking on any of these images.
If you click on any image below, a new link will open which will take you to my image gallery.

My grandfather's family at Rangpur
When I was too young...
My grandfather's (Nana's) family: A photo treated as an antique in our family.

With Abbu at Mirzapur Cadet College
The room I resided in class XII at Sohrawardi House

With Abbu: at the room where I resided in as a cadet at Sohrawardi House, Mirzapur Cadet College, 1998.

With my sister Medha Mony at Lenin's River, Savar
Sweet memories!

"Se amar choto bon, boro adorer choto bon" (she is my younger sister)...