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People Who Shaped My Life

The first person in the list of individuals who helped me to shape my dreams and build my career and guided me to reach the position where I am today is, of course, my Abbu, whom I consider my best philosopher and guide. Next comes my Ammu, whom I consider the founder of my cultural heritage, versatile reading habit and extra-curricular activities. 

Apart from my parents, I must mention the name of my grandfather, late Alhaz Md. Obaidur Rahman, whose ascetic lifestyle had made a deep impact upon me.

Outside my family, I am grateful for my academic career to many people. To name only a few, I cannot forget the contributions of Dr. M Kaykobad from BUET, Engr. Rubayat Mahmud from BUET (my dear Mithun Bhaia, who later earned his MS from TexasTech University, USA and currently very close to his way to get a PhD in chemical engineering), Mr. Rafiq Nowsad from Mirzapur Cadet College and Mrs. Shamim Jahan Ahsan from Viqaruunesa Noon College, Dhaka.

May Allah keep them in peace wherever they are.

I must mention that the ordering in this list is natural and it is ‘incomplete’ to some extent, because you cannot ‘measure’ all contributions from every people in your life, nor can you remember all particulars in detail! Just as examples, I have no words to measure the contributions of my dear Hazrat Ali Sir, who had been my house tutor for a couple of years in Munshiganj. Though the memory has been blurred, I cannot forget this gentleman.

With Deepto and Karib

Kids I Admire

I also feel an urge to mention about my sweetest cousin - Karib - who came on this earth before our eyes, brought up to a cute little boy before our eyes, and now growing rapidly with his amazing performance. May be it's my limitation and bias, but I haven't found such an intelligent and cute human being in my life. Karib can update you with the names of cricketers of all test-playing nations! He is the son of my Mama (maternal uncle), Engr. S Samiel Alam (Shaheen). Another person whom I admire for his exceptional qualities is my Babu Khalu (Uncle), Engr. Anwar Hossain. He also has an intelligent son - Dipto - who wished to come with me to USA being packed in my luggage but later changed his mind. My youngest aunty, Ru Khala, has a smart boy named Punniya.


Karib, Dipto and Punniya - this trio is currently the youngest male generation in our family. The newest one, Punniya’s younger sister, is yet to get her name.